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2017 Trends in Personal Blogging

2017 Trends in Personal Blogging

Having a personal blog would mean freedom to most of us as it allows you to post literally whatever you want on your site. You have the full control and authority over your blog. You could freely customize its appearance, sort out tags for an organization of your posts, and even connect your blog to several other platforms like social media sites. You could post photos, videos, rants, diary entries, reviews, or updates and even a daily dose of your life events. Whatever your blog contains, everyone on the internet can browse it. Like any other site, viewership is an essential thing in the maintenance of any blog type. Being updated is a key for most personal bloggers to make sure they are running their site like the leaders! What are the current trends in personal blogging today? Here’s a brief list.

  • Minimalism
  • Less is more. Simplicity attracts readers. Heavily bannered sidebars, complicated secondary menus, and overlapping ad networks are all stressful to a reader’s sight. Sticking to reader-friendly templates that celebrate simple colors and visually pleasing arrangements is a smart thing to do. Most readers of personal blogs are in it to relax or be informed. Lightly digitized pages with fewer fancy fonts and designs but with a proper organization are the best for personal blogs.

  • Communication with readers
  • With the rise of social media, communication among many of your readers will be a key to maintaining a consistently prosperous viewership. Widget icons that link to your social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are a must in every personal blog. Remember to use only the classy, smart-looking, tiny icons and better not put on big texts the words “Facebook,” “Instagram,” etc. Readers are now after a more personal experience that could involve engaging conversations with the writers. Take time to respond to the readers who are interested in your blog.

  • Video contents
  • We might not know it, but videos will dominate the internet contents in no time. Live-stream videos, recorded videos, and vlogs are never out-of-date. Videos are deemed attractive to most readers as they offer visually engaging and fun ways of presenting your content. Just always remember that the key to a good blog would always boil down to design, pace, and coherence of the entire video. Do you just throw out information at random or do you have a systematically interesting way of getting to your point?

  • SEO strategies
  • Your blog needs to maintain competition while preserving quality content. Quality content will always and forever be the key to continuous and engaged viewership. In line with this, SEO strategies that develop through time must always be on your look out a list. Voice search, AMPs, and artificial intelligence are all going to be hot topics on SEO this year. Develop and maintain a blog that never compromises quality and sees your blogs get favored by search engines with the right and proper utilization of current SEO tools.

    Personal blogging is a unique experience that requires passion and persistence. Unlike handling business sites, personal blogs are towards making less professional but engaging content for your viewers. The said trends in personal blogging will increase guarantee that your viewers will always want to come back and have a piece of what you’re thinking every day.